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The Link Between Ego And Erectile Dysfunction

The Link Between Ego and Erectile Dysfunction

Is there anything more frustrating in the male experience than ED, or Erectile Dysfunction? These symptoms may well be the most impactful on the male ego and can have a marked effect on a man’s sense of confidence and self-esteem. This means that the symptoms of ED are likely not only to have a direct effect on his self-image but can inspire intense struggles with anxiety or feelings of inadequacy.

Any complications with intimacy are reliably going to produce stress in most men. No one deserves to be abandoned to these sensations of self-concern, self-doubt or, at worst, self-loathing.



The tendency to identify sexual function with masculinity has a long history. Since time immemorial, the number of children that a man fathered was seen as proof of his virility, his capability, and his level of status and superiority in relation to other men. While it is true that society has made significant progress regarding those assessments, sexuality is still perceived as an indicator of a man’s worth by a large percentage of the global population. As such, any issues stemming from erectile dysfunction can result in a fear of intimacy and complications in normal social settings.

This outdated mentality has left men hesitant to even address these issues. It’s worth noting that the symptom is not the same as the problem. It’s merely an indicator to direct us to the true source of the issue. Traditionally, most physicians have avoided these aspects of male health. This is primarily due to the fact that their education and background probably did not include many aspects of sexuality, even though it is of paramount importance to whole-body health. This, in turn, led to misgivings about the topic and misguided sensations of shame or inadequacy in the patient. Now that advances in modern medicine have been realized, more men have begun to come forward to investigate paths for resolution.



Today, society has a far more benign view of erectile dysfunction. This is thanks in large part to the marketing exposure provided by medical remedies like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.  Concordant to those increases in understanding have come deeper insights into many of the causes of ED. Those can include the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco
  • Obesity
  • Side-Effects of Surgery or Medication

The point in all of this is that erectile dysfunction can be a challenging diagnosis (and is frequently misdiagnosed). It’s clear that ED can inspire some intense emotional challenges in men. What was not so obvious, was that emotional challenges could also be the source of the ED in the first place. While it may be that the root cause was psychological, that can also prove to be only part of the total issue for many men.



Before any treatment option is advised, the core issue should be determined. The male ego, and as such the male psyche, can be quite sensitive. This is a delicate situation requiring knowledge, insight and a comprehensive understanding, (especially when the condition has been initiated by emotional factors). The cause is not nearly as important, however, as the cure. No man is compelled to continue with these struggles.

There is seldom a cause of ED that cannot be overcome by modern medicine today.  In addition to that, the resolution is not likely to require surgery, nor will it entail the unwanted side-effects frequently associated with many of the more traditional remedies.

Most recently, there has been a resounding show of approval for the modern approaches of the Priapus Shot, the Erectus Shot and the GainsWave Therapy.  Once your own unique circumstances have been established, your physician may prescribe one or more of these therapies.

  1. The Priapus Shot is a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) based injection. The injected material is derived from a blood sample from your very own body. Placed in a centrifuge, the platelets are separated out because they release the growth factors necessary for male enhancement. A bit of numbing cream (Lidocaine) is applied to the penis, the drawn platelets are injected and the positive benefits are attained in an all-natural way.
  2. The Erectus Shot is perhaps the newest (and most exciting) treatment currently available. Shown to support the regeneration of penile tissue, support stronger sexual performance, and increase erection size and quality, this is proving to be a preferred option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and seeking overall improvements in their sexual health. Similar to other PRP and stem cell treatments, the Erectus Shot combines the use of stem cells with the platelets drawn from the patient. This synergistic mixture is injected back into the patient’s corpus cavernosa—the core erectile tissue. This engorges the tissue and activates a growth response which starts to instantly generate new, healthy, and virile erectile tissue.  
  3. GainsWave Therapy, or “extracorporeal shock wave therapy,” uses high-frequency sound waves to increase blood flow to any area of tissue it is applied. Before the techniques were used for male enhancement, ESWT was used to improve blood flow and aid in the healing of orthopedic injuries. For even better results, GainsWave Therapy can be delivered in conjunction with the Priapus shot. The combined results are referred to as synergistic; this means that each enhances the effect of the other.  

Learn more about these ED solutions by taking advantage of a No Obligation, Complimentary Consultation with a member of our Wellness Staff today!

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